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04/01/2012 02:30 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

I wanted to give my best students to make a phone

He came quickly, suits and ties, look handsome Cheap Mens Timberland Boots Leonard, this is my understanding that he did not see the appearance of more than two months. Without any explanation, he escorted me to the hospital would play, according to my half in his arms, happy to dilute the pain. I begged him to take me to a small clinic, or even go to the hospital, I will run out. I know I am far from the hospital's charges can endure this working girl, she says.

He fail to beat me, and I settled in a clinic, they have to go out and tell me buy some food. I blushed and said, leave me your phone with it. I wanted to give my best students to make a phone call, so she sent money to an emergency, the north face uk I can not self-esteem not to re-use his money. Have not had time to play, was the first mobile phone rang, hesitated, I was connected, and is meeting a woman's voice, and soon it's your turn to speak, where to go? Principal angry! Meeting, will not it, you have the wrong, I said, this is the phone Shen Shaoyang. I'm looking for is Shen Shaoyang, who are you, how could hold his cell phone, the phone side of the people asked. I do not know how to answer her, hastily hung up the phone. Terribly upset, ear has always roaring with the voice of the woman to meet, speak, principals, teachers originally Shen Shaoyang, like anxiety, the woman, who is he? So he came back, I suddenly asked him, tell you to go back to meet it, that woman is your girlfriend?

He was nervous: Oh, you look back.Prada Shoes Sale Then it disappears. From the clinic came out, shining sun hangs high in the sky, away from me so far, need to look up to see, I understand that the sun does not belong to me, this is the woman to call him. So think about it, my so-called soft spot and deliberately indifferent to his, seem to have the answer to his heart already belongs. Empty leaves begin to die, sent in my feet gently crushing sound. I naturally can not go to that stall, but also to take a detour home from work, Timberland Boots Sale such as to avoid, I randomly dormant in the cafe, my writing dream incubation. However, less than dodge, and we met. He was so in my house, late at night when I came back from the cafe. Why Bierbuxian? That between the cold in my little house, his words low humidity. Out the window Guyan whine of desolation came, my heart shook, low self-esteem so that I can not say why.


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